Meadow Peak at Summit Vista

At Meadow Peak at Summit Vista, the Owner/Developer/Design team recognized and embraced the idea that to introduce Assisted Living (AL), Skilled Nursing (SN), and Memory Care (MC) to an already successful Independent Living community in a way that is complementary, organic, and holistic, it was imperative to identify and pull down archaic ways of thinking that typically get in the way of such a vision.  Summit Vista’s desire to realize Utah’s first “Life Plan Community” in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley where robust living “full of activities, experiences, and relationships to explore” is enabled by a vibrant, supportive culture and spectrum of amenities indoor and out.

The team realized that not only must this same lofty vision drive the design of these AL, SN, and MC components to be successful, it needed to acknowledge that residents across Independent, Assisted, and Skilled levels of living and care frequently migrate back and forth as they experience health events of both temporary and long term duration.  Creating isolated silos between these different components—largely the product of allowing rigid federal payment and reimbursement regulation to create barriers—would simply not meet the vision of holistic connectivity and integration for their residents and guests.


156,000 SF




Taylorsville, Utah


Senior Care