Lodge Medical Office Building

This three-level medical office building is located on the campus of the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. It’s original early 90’s design left it dark, compartmentalized with low ceilings and poor wayfinding.  By creating a two-level glass atrium, complemented by a covered entry /drop off with cantilever glass, the building took on new life. The added light made the public areas brighter and feel larger as well as giving patients some additional architectural landmarks to assist in wayfinding.

Calming people by giving an immediate understanding of the layout, each floor has a distinct color and material palate that sets off important destinations on each floor. The remodel included many of the clinic offices as well. Not only did this remodel raise the value of the medical office building, but the demand for clinic space went up dramatically shortly after completion resulting in a fully leased building.



68,200 SF




Salt Lake City, Utah