University of Utah Biochemistry Lab

The Biochemistry Lab in the Biomedical Polymers Research Building (BPRB) on the University of Utah campus was originally built in the early 1990s and still had the original research layout and extremely worn finishes. TSA was able to remodel the lab and office space to increase available research spaces, return research areas to standard lab layout and revise office space to accommodate 12 occupants. The lab has over 60 student workstations located close to natural light – easily interchangeable for rotating students and staff. It also features grey epoxy laboratory counters to brighten the space, flooring color changes to help distinguish between the research lab and student workstations/equipment locations.

The renovated lab has allowed for an increase in space to recruit more world-class researchers, as well as a much more flexible and adaptable workspace that encourages communication. The Biochemistry Department wanted to support collaboration between the researchers to promote learning and unique discoveries.  The interior lab corridor runs the length of the building and was designed to allow movement and discussion among staff and researchers.



1,400 SF




Salt Lake City, Utah


Higher Education