Salt Lake City Veterans Home Replacement Study

TSA Architects and Orcutt | Winslow have created a replacement study for the current William E. Christoffersen Veteran Home that is keeping with its mission, vision, and program goals. It is a truly innovative, state-of-the-art, non-institutional skilled nursing facility that can provide Veterans with the best care in a resident-centered environment. This facility will provide the necessary care that enhances the resident’s ability to function more independently and will improve their overall quality of life.

Within the facility, the centrally located Community Center will provide activity spaces including social spaces like the Multi-Purpose Room, Sports Club, and Canteen where residents can come together to socialize amongst themselves or with visiting family and friends. The facility will be organized into functional units called Households, where residents live their daily lives. Each Household will provide shared spaces for resident functions such as living, activities, dining, and socializing. In addition to shared spaces, each resident will have a private living space (Resident Bedroom) with an attached in-suite bathroom. Every two Households will have a collection of shared resident spaces between them called a Neighborhood, which will provide resident support and amenity spaces that may be shared between Households.

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125,500 SF




Salt Lake City, Utah


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