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Dedicated Specialties

We create transformative user-centered environments for mission-driven organizations in:
Healthcare, Elder Care, Education, and Enterprise




We understand the potential to aid the healing and recovery process that an environment holds. We create the visionary’s medical facility, the patient’s ideal facility, the perfect place for doctors and nurses to practice their craft, holding to the aspiration of a building as healing as the professionals inside.


Elder Care

We know that being a senior doesn’t mean life stops, so we create resident-centered living and care centers. Familiar, welcoming, enabling with details that evoke the feeling of a small town or a visit with a cherished friend. Surprising, detailed, vibrant, unexpected, practical and full of life. Places that are joyful to come home to.



We are advocates of education, and feel that the best education is provided in a functional, tailored space. To that end, we work directly with educators and stakeholders at each level to become intently familiar with the needs of your project. From visioning a cutting-edge lab to campus masterplanning, we join with you as a committed team in bringing the best to your campus.



Commercial buildings that reach far beyond the mere utilitarian. Practical and artistic weaving together to create structures and spaces that welcome and inspire. As with all our projects, community and commercial structures are created with a higher purpose and an eye to humanity in mind.


Beginning with your mission and vision we create a unique set of guiding principles for each project. These principles ensure that the best ideas rise to the top as we collaborate to achieve a higher purpose.

We facilitate a collaborative and strategic design process that involves a series of interactive design workshops. We will initially focus on visioning, and goal-setting to establish the project’s guiding principles and concept story into discovery and analysis, moving to operational planning driven by lean principles. Followed by the generation of building systems options, energy saving, architecture concepts and themes. Medical equipment and Information technology systems are then introduced as details are developed and design concepts refined. The process culminates with a fully integrated set of construction documents that include the technical drawings and specifications.

Successful design allows adequate time between workshops for user groups to review and digest the concepts presented. This ultimately saves time spent making late-stage design changes. Our process often includes 3-D visualization and full scale mock ups of the most important spaces such as Exam Rooms and Treatment Rooms.
We will tailor and design a process specifically for you that involves a sequence of phases, each one a foundation for the next.

Establish Guiding Principles & Concept Story

Create an optimal framework
in support of function &
Guiding Principles & Concept Story

Develop the parts & pieces
in support of function &
Guiding Principles & Concept Story

Document the physical manifestation of function &
Guiding Principles & Concept Story

Deliver the mission & vision-enabling project
Evaluate adherence to function
& Guiding Principles & Concept Story

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