2017 Newsletter: Edition One


Project Updates

University Healthcare – Center of Excellence for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

We have been privileged to partner with University Hospital in several projects focused on enhancing their healthcare system including the New Center of Excellence for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation.


1.  The Design for the New Center of Excellence for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation:

  • A Holistic Center integrating Education and Physical Therapy in an open central core easily accessible from patient rooms
  • Empower and encourage patients to ambulate from the bed to all rehab amenities
  • Nurse and Provider Support Cores that reduce staff travel and maximize time with patients
  • Enhanced Personal Protection provisions optimize staff readiness for any medical event
  • 41 patient rooms


2.  This Design for the New Patient Room of the Future to be implemented across the hospital campus:


  • A Universal Room Design that embraces a hospitality environment maximizes patient empowerment and ambulation-enabling a return to a healthy life sooner.
  • An accessible room with compact charting and patient monitoring systems that do not obstruct patient access to restrooms
  • Enhanced accommodation of patient visitors
  • Integrates systems for effective in-room Telemedicine and other technologies

Completed Project: Prime Insurance Company Addition + Remodel

When Prime Insurance Company approached us with this project, we saw a unique opportunity to express their bold business model with bold, forward-thinking design. Their new addition, though fully connected to the main building, seemingly soars outwards akin to an aircraft taking flight (a nod to CEO Rick Lindsey’s affinity for aircraft) and showcases the uniqueness of their intrepid contribution to the industry’s specialty niche. The contemporary addition compliments the existing, regimented brick building, and both wings meld at the entrance where brick facade meets exposed metal beams and glass sheeting overhead. Windows utilizing low-lead glass serve two purposes: one, light is drawn in from the exterior to create a more positive and uplifting environment and two, the very “heartbeat” of their business – their staff hard at work – is projected to the outside world like never before. Open production areas strategically arranged with Herman Miller work pods encourage department interactivity.
Highlights of the project include:
  • Two-level addition housing private and executive offices
  • Flexible conference center
  • Dynamic reception hub
  • Fully-functional kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances, upscale seating and sound system
  • Gym stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and all-new shower and locker facilities

Main Floor Reception Hub


Kitchen and Dining Hall


Conference Suite

When asked her thoughts on how the new space reflected their brand, Director and Senior Vice President Barbara Malkowski had this to say: “We’re the masters of unique risk, we’re the contrarians.. we’re not your father’s insurance company, I hate to be so trite but we’re not. Our new approach, our fresh approach, our sleek approach, I would say it definitely plays to that.”


Staff News

This past January marks Nathan’s 5th anniversary of joining TSA Architects as partner and design principal. Nathan is respected for his passionate dedication and architecture, specializing in design for healthcare, senior care, and other mission-driven work. His passion for healthcare design was sparked as a patient in an operating room 20 years ago, and since that time he continually strives to create beautiful architecture and spaces that inspire not only health and healing but better the built environment we live in.








Our Experts Share

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