TSA Healthcare architects graffiti

2018 Newsletter: Edition 3

Office Updates

Summer at TSA

These past few months have been a whirlwind at the TSA office! In addition to our day-to-day projects and operations, we’ve had the opportunity to get involved with some great initiatives including the Interior Solutions 6th Annual Graffiti Tournament, a graduate-level architecture studio at the University of Utah, and final preparations for conference presentations in October and November.
In between all of these things, we’ve also been sure to fit in some fun at our Summer Office Fiesta! With family and friends, we gathered at the Mountain Dell pavilions for some Mexican food and festivities. This has become a favorite location for our summer office party – gorgeous scenery and plenty of room to smash a pinata. 
 Interior Solutions 6th Annual Graffiti Tournament

We sent a team of creative minds to represent our firm at this fantastic event hosted by Interior Solutions. The theme of this year’s event was “We built this city on….”, rendering each team responsible for bringing their own inspiration and concept. Though spray paint is not one of our usual mediums, Barton, Stephanie, and Melissa did an incredible job and had a great time!


Project Updates


RMC Mountain View Care Center (Heber, Utah)

Things are progressing at Rocky Mountain Care’s “The Lodge” in Heber, UT.  The landscaping is being installed along the exterior of the building giving an inviting approach to the inside of the building.   In the interior all the lighting fixtures have been installed and the cabinetry, wood work and countertops are really starting to make the project feel like a nursing home!  We are excited to see more finishing touches come along as they aim for an opening date in December.

University of Utah Business Services Building Plaza Upgrade (SLC, Utah)

 The transformation of the public plaza at the University BSB Building is nearing completion. When complete in November building tenants and visitors will be able to enjoy a garden setting in downtown Salt Lake City with a variety of casual outdoor spaces. After one year of demolition, waterproofing and other preparatory work, the vertical elements such as planters, amphitheaters and shade structures are well underway. Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated team of engineers and contractors and owner representatives

Sophie’s Place – C.S. Motts Children’s Hospital (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

The interior design palette of the new Sophie’s place at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital is inspired by the rich setting of music performance stages. We worked closely with the clients throughout the design process and as we developed the color and materials palette, utilizing design elements of geometry shapes, lines, colors, graphics, and lights to stimulate the senses allowing both children and adults to discover the wonders of the music world.

Acute Internal Medicine Unit – University of Utah Medical Center (SLC, Utah)


The new Acute Internal Medicine Unit at the University of Utah Medical Center is part of a systematic remodel of the hospital tower, featuring an entirely new patient room concept that will be utilized in units throughout the medical center. These rooms are specially designed to remove barriers – both physical and psychological – that would otherwise impede patient progress and instead create an environment that promotes independence, mobility, and fast-tracks the healing process!


Staff News

University of Utah Architecture + Planning Studio

We have kicked off our Architecture for Healthcare graduate studio at the University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning! This fall, 12 final-year students are participating in a studio simulating a real-world client experience. They are developing a master plan for a former hospital block in St. George, and will be designing a senior assisted living component located on that site. In a time-honored tradition that has served our firm well as we establish teams and identify strengths and mentoring partnerships, we asked each student to complete the Kiersey temperament assessment and utilized the results to help them assemble into three teams composed of team leads, project architects, planners and designers. We look forward to working with these teams and witnessing them prepare to transition from the academic arena to be contributing, skilled members of the architecture community.
Below, we’ve shared some of their master plan concepts presented earlier this week.