Utah skilled nursing architect

The Lodge SNF: A PPOE

One of the concepts we value here at TSA is beautiful design that functions optimally. We’re not content to simply create a product that is just beautiful to look at, or just functional – we believe it is highly possible to deliver an aesthetic, functional end product every time.

Rocky Mountain Care’s The Lodge presented us with an opportunity to gauge some of the strategies, materials and practices we employ. Starting with the existing facility, we surveyed both the residents and care team. The survey questions assessed their level of satisfaction and comfort in the facility itself to their perceived safety and empowerment from the layout and structure.

Between the new facility and the old facility, there was a very substantial improvement in all areas. Well-lit corridors, neat and accessible nurses station, conveniently located supplies and equipment all contributed to an uptick in scoring for staff feeling supported in their role and function. Abundant natural lighting produced by lots of large windows increased the scoring on lighting and ambiance.

With such a considerable increase in care team satisfaction, we are optimistic that The Lodge is also experiencing a reduction in staff turnover and an increase in the quality of patient care.  

Residents appreciated the color palette and design materials, finding comfort in the new facility. Efforts to improve wayfinding through signage and materials contributed to a rise in their ability to navigate the facility. Ample “front porches” and social areas have boosted the residents abilities to form and maintain their friendships and relationships.


We were very encouraged to see improvements in nearly all areas concerning resident well being and satisfaction. When residents feel safe, secure and at home in facilities such as these, anxiety is reduced resulting in a greater sense of well being and contributing to a happier customer.

In all, we are very pleased with the results from the surveys and appreciated the candid feedback from both residents and staff!

Images by Jim Fairchild,