utah healthcare architects 3d visualization

Published in Utah Construction and Design: 3D Visualization – Tools for Communicating and Understanding that Enable Creation

We’re excited to see an article written by Nathan, our Design Principal and Vice President in the May 2018 issue of Utah Construction and Design! The technology enabling us to communicate concepts to our clients and collectively work together towards the ultimate solution has evolved and come a long way – here’s a look at how the different tools available today help us do that most effectively and efficiently:

“Decades of study and research of Human Psychology reveal that we are all wired to perceive, learn, understand, think, and act with certain preferences. We all fall somewhere along the spectrum in our preference for the realistic vs. imaginative, concrete vs. abstract, past vs. future, sensory vs. intuitive, visual vs. kinesthetic, etc. With such varied perspectives, how do we ever communicate and understand each other in a world where ideas big and small need to be generated, developed and become real? How do Architects and Designers communicate with Clients and Users and then with the executors of the ideas on the Contractor and Construction side?”



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