Do you really want a shorter schedule?

By Sean Bujold Get it done.  I need it yesterday.  Decision, decisions, decisions!  We live in a world where everything is now.  Yesterday would be even better.  However, design and construction projects take a substantial amount of time. Almost every client wants to have a shorter schedule. As an architect, I am...

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Healthcare Design – It’s Personal

By Tracy Stocking In September of 2009, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. Over the next 8 months, I spent approximately 40 days and nights in a state-of-the-art patient room in a state-of-the-art flagship hospital. I was in good hands, cared for by dedicated and compassionate doctors, nurses, social workers, and...

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An Answer to What Ails Us

There’s nothing like an event such as now to give us an immediate and clear vision of what is important in life and to render so obviously unnecessary the pointless distractions. There’s nothing such as an all-encompassing tribulation to brilliantly illustrate an immediate sense of priority—what is truly needed, uplifting, and...

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Utah Healthcare Architect Healing Environment

Published in Utah Construction and Design

In the most recent edition of Utah Construction and Design, Nathan shares some of the ways that The Lodge separates itself from traditional Skilled Nursing design. "Perhaps more than in any architectural typology, senior care environments tend to fall into an all-too-familiar pattern of unremarkable mimicry of neo-traditional styling and predictable...

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