Pictures vs. Renderings

Breaking the Barriers of Reality

By Stephanie Kwok Most clients are not professional architects or designers. They may not be able to read architectural drawings such as floor plans, elevations, and sections. Their eyes may gloss over when you show them 2D plans and black-and-white visuals. It’s hard for them to transpose those drawings in their...

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When does a Building become Architecture?

By Nathan Murray There may be different opinions and perspectives on this, but I will make a brief attempt based on my own viewpoint. I believe that Buildings by definition are an enclosure to house some identifiable function—animate or inanimate—or to provide shelter and protection for something from outside elements. To enter...

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Do you really want a shorter schedule?

By Sean Bujold Get it done.  I need it yesterday.  Decision, decisions, decisions!  We live in a world where everything is now.  Yesterday would be even better.  However, design and construction projects take a substantial amount of time. Almost every client wants to have a shorter schedule. As an architect, I am...

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Healthcare Design – It’s Personal

By Tracy Stocking In September of 2009, I was diagnosed with bone cancer. Over the next 8 months, I spent approximately 40 days and nights in a state-of-the-art patient room in a state-of-the-art flagship hospital. I was in good hands, cared for by dedicated and compassionate doctors, nurses, social workers, and...

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