An Answer to What Ails Us

There’s nothing like an event such as now to give us an immediate and clear vision of what is important in life and to render so obviously unnecessary the pointless distractions. There’s nothing such as an all-encompassing tribulation to brilliantly illustrate an immediate sense of priority—what is truly needed, uplifting, and...

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Team photo of TSA Architects in front of TSA office in Salt Lake City Utah.

Staying Connected During Quarantine

We've already talked about how we're staying connected to our team and our clients through #covid19, but we wanted to share how we're connecting with our families and communities on a daily basis. We're fascinated with the human experience (of course we partial to how architecture and design play a...

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2020 Newsletter: Edition 1

TSA Team News What an interesting time to be alive. While this unprecedented time is full of unknowns, we want each of you to be certain of one thing: TSA is positioned to further your mission and keep your projects moving, if that is your desire. We are taking all precautions...

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Tracy Stocking, Nathan Murray and Doug Banks Utah Health Care Architects

TSA and COVID-19: We’re Here for You

While this unprecedented time is full of unknowns, we want each of you to be certain of one thing: TSA is positioned to further your mission and keep your projects moving, if that is your desire. We are taking all precautions to keep our clients, our colleagues, our families and our employees healthy. Here's what...

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Utah Healthcare Architects - based in Salt Lake City, TSA Architects specializes in health care architecture, senior care architecture, and higher education architecture.

2019 Newsletter: Edition 4

  As we approach the end of the year, we are grateful for all we experienced in 2019. We're thankful for the clients we work with, the consultants we team with, the projects that allow us to leave our mark on the world and make it a better place. We wish...

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Utah Healthcare Architect Healing Environment

Published in Utah Construction and Design

In the most recent edition of Utah Construction and Design, Nathan shares some of the ways that The Lodge separates itself from traditional Skilled Nursing design. "Perhaps more than in any architectural typology, senior care environments tend to fall into an all-too-familiar pattern of unremarkable mimicry of neo-traditional styling and predictable...

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Utah skilled nursing architect

The Lodge SNF: A PPOE

One of the concepts we value here at TSA is beautiful design that functions optimally. We’re not content to simply create a product that is just beautiful to look at, or just functional - we believe it is highly possible to deliver an aesthetic, functional end product every time. Rocky Mountain...

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