tsa marketing retreat car race

2018 Leadership Retreat

This year’s Leadership Retreat took place at the stunning Snowbird resort, one day after fresh snow! We had an inspiring view of skiers racing down the mountain, enjoying the beautiful day and the greatest snow on earth.

It was a great opportunity to come together and discuss where we are as a firm, where we want to go, and develop steps to bring our team there moving forward. Everything from team structure, learning opportunities, internal and external branding, and strategy plays an important role. We’ve seen a lot of change over the last year and we want to keep that momentum in the years to come – our dedication to excellence in our specialties is at the forethought of all we do.

Of course, no management retreat would be complete without a team building exercise. This time, we built battery/solar powered cars in randomly chosen teams. The catch – each team had a handicap. For one, it was vision-reducing glasses. For another, one teammember had to wear earplags AND noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate verbal communication. The third team had their dominant hands taped in the Vulcan sign of “live long and prosper”. It was interesting to see how each team communicated and completed the challenge. Some didn’t need to verbalize anything – others talked through each detail.

Once each team completed their car, we raced – and team “live long and prosper” won by a miniature mile.