TSA Architects Utah Healthcare Architects Team Meeting

TSA Design Vanguard

In an effort to develop a strong team culture, engage discussion, and continually improve in all facets of our work, our firm has implemented an internal program entitled ASSET. In ASSET luncheons, we discuss a range of topics, develop protocols and procedures, and further refine our mission and determine how best to evidence that mission in all that we do.

Today’s ASSET Luncheon topic was the TSA Design Vanguard.

Our mission statement is “Making Place for the Human Spirit” – and we took a deep look at how we are currently executing that belief. What are we doing well? Where could we improve?

From the outside looking in, a common misconception is that architecture simply refers to a building’s exterior. What some perceive as simply a striking or good-looking structure goes so much deeper than just the immediate aesthetic upon entering the parking lot.

Good design is at its best when it is facilitating rather than obstructing an experience – a provider is able to easily and efficiently access every tool and material needed to perform their functions seamlessly. A patient feels comfortable, at ease, and at home in their exam space. An organization’s purpose and vision is not just evident in the staff’s demeanor, but permeates the entire physical environment. When a project enables all of these things and is also beautiful to experience – that is good design.


At the very core of our process is working with individuals representing our clients at every available level: C-Suite, Management, Facilities, Donors, Providers, and Patients. It’s so important for us to have a clear understanding of not only our client’s vision and organizational culture, but also the unique needs of each person who is an extension or patron of the facility. A doctor, a facilities manager, a patient, and a CEO will all interact very differently with the space and our goal is to create a solution that not only addresses those needs but also strives to fulfill the organization’s mission and elevate the patient experience too. We also recognize that each project’s goals and primary functions necessitate different and original solutions. We enjoy finding ways to meet each client where they are and work together as we help them reach their “next level.”

After some great discussion, we came away with both reinforced commitment to the excellent work we do and new ideas of how to shine as a team in the year to come.