Finding Camaraderie and Support through the Professional Women in Building Association

By Becky Brown

Women’s presence in the professional workforce is steadily increasing, and the architectural and engineering fields are no exception. At times, it can be challenging to work in a male dominant environment. As women, we can find camaraderie around us by uniting with other women in construction. I have found that support and connection through the Association of Professional Women in Building (PWB).

Being part of the Utah PWB association has been a great experience. It represents many industries associated with building from interior designers, engineers, and architects to bankers, marketers, and tradespeople. The best part is being surrounded by women who genuinely support each other in their professional endeavors.

One of the significant accomplishments of the PWB was the construction of the ‘House that She Built.’ This remarkable project was primarily undertaken by women, from the ground up. It left such an impact that a book was written about it and is now shared in schools around Utah.

Utah PWB is a community-driven association that works to support women in the community through service and educational initiatives. They have been involved in various projects, including helping with a St. Jude’s home installing hardware and collaborating to renovate a couple of housing units with the Life Start Village for women and children. PWB, among others around Utah, is currently partnered with HomeAid for their annual diaper drive that is coming up on Aug. 25th. Supporting Utah families by bringing a box or two of diapers will go a long way in making a difference. More information about the drive can be found here.

In the realm of education, PWB visits schools around Utah to read ‘The House that SHE Built’, inspiring young minds. Additionally, they contributed to the Build the World Girls – Girls Construction Camp this summer as guest speakers and project helpers. I am proud to have had the opportunity to lead the Scholarship committee, contributing to women’s education in the construction field by providing scholarships. 

Having more women in construction is crucial to improving our communities. I am immensely grateful for the support I have received from TSA Architects in this role and for their dedication to supporting women in our office and the broader construction industry. Together, with collective effort and support, we can continue to make strides toward progress and equality in the workforce.