Uintah Basin Medical Center Emergency Department

As the primary referral hospital for Emergency Care in eastern Utah, this previously undersized ER was transformed into a new state-of-the-art facility. TSA worked closely with ER staff to create an open, patient-centered layout that improved wayfinding as well as caregiver efficiency. Innovative exam rooms provide ample family space separated from provider space. Specialized exam rooms are also designed for universal function which gives UBMC maximum flexibility.

The interior architecture and finish palette were developed with consideration for serving ER patients across the acuity spectrum. The TSA design team created an interior environment with a strong regional aesthetic to promote comfort and healing. Forms and finishes are reflective of the surrounding Uintah Basin landscape including crystalline blues, cool sages and the striated rimrock of surrounding canyons and mountains. Rising from the ashes of an unsightly, disjointed backdoor we have created the pillar of emergent care in the desert of Utah. Not only does it function well, it’s very cohesive, peaceful, and represents a 2-3 increase in size.

Award recipient:

2015 Utah Construction & Design Outstanding Project


12,000 SF




Roosevelt, Utah