McKay-Dee Hospital Cancer Center

TSA Architects transformed Intermountain Health’s McKay-Dee Cancer Center by consolidating comprehensive services into a single, convenient location. The new Cancer Center offers patients easy access to chemotherapy, clinical trials, genetic counseling, radiation therapy, and surgical oncology — all under one roof.

Meticulous design considerations were made by TSA to ensure that the building itself contributed to the healing process. From quiet flooring and superb wayfinding to strategically located staff zones, every detail was crafted to create a soothing and supportive atmosphere.

The Radiation Oncology Therapy Suite within the Cancer Center represents a paradigm shift in cancer treatment — leveraging innovative technology to elevate industry standards and enhance patient care. The suite boasts the best linear accelerator vault in the Intermountain Health system, equipped with advanced tumor tracking and positioning capabilities. Moreover, the suite is designed to accommodate a diverse range of patients — including those with mobility impairments — ensuring equitable access to cutting-edge care in a soothing, healing, and aesthetically pleasing environment while also providing greater functionality for staff.

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Ogden, Utah