University of Utah Health West Valley Community Center Master Plan

TSA, in partnership with SmithGroup, was selected from a pool of nationally recognized healthcare design firms to perform a Feasibility Study and Master Plan for the first ever off-campus hospital for University of Utah Health.

The client’s desire for the new community center was to create a patient-centered health care organization distinguished by collaboration, excellence, leadership, and respect. Anchoring to the needs and desires of the West Valley community, the University of Utah and University of Utah Health together envisioned a center that will promote and improve equity, strengthen local community education and training opportunities, advance health and health care, and offer community-strengthening resources. Other important guiding principles for UHealth included operational efficiency, a welcoming environment, support for the wellness journey, as well as a desire to provide support beyond healthcare.

At the onset of the feasibility phase, UHealth conducted data analytics to understand facility growth projections and to identify types of under-served services in West Valley. Based on this data, the design team along with UHealth developed a program service summary that identified the services required and the quantity of key planning units (KPU) to meet their 2030 business strategy as the baseline for Phase 1. This process resulted in a goal for 180 in-patient beds in Phase 1.

The design team worked with the Steering Committee to further define, question, and shape the program services. Based on experience, best practices, and analysis of UHealth’s existing facilities, the team took a deep dive into understanding the KPUs and grossing factors to be used in the program in order to right-size the program to enable UHealth to operate as desired.


588,000 SF




West Valley City, Utah




University of Utah Health