Holy Cross Hospital – Davis Women and Newborn Center Remodel

The number one cause of hospital admissions in the US is giving birth. The hospital experience women and their support system receive during this time, may be their first and can leave a lasting impression. With that in mind, Holy Cross Hospital – Davis (formerly Davis Hospital and Medical Center) wanted to update their women and newborn centers to give women the best experience possible.

While designing a space mothers and families would be comfortable in, we also kept the healthcare professional’s needs in mind. The result is a tranquil, clean, modern open floorplan with specific areas of the room for the healthcare professionals, the patients, and visitors so that no one needs to cross over one another’s space.  By relocating the storage room entrance in the labor and delivery rooms, we not only supported the new zones, but also increased staff effectiveness and improved workflow. The specially designed headwall in the postpartum and labor & delivery rooms allowed for us to relocate medical gases and nurse care supplies.  We also replaced and improved the position of the delivery light and devices​ and provided a family task light near the couch for more convenience.

The nurse station was also redesigned with a more open, approachable feel. This included giving nurses better task lighting as well as improving views to the corridor and patient room doors. It also provided a clear division of path for patients and guests vs caregivers.

The NICU was remodeled to significantly improve lighting for the patient bays as well as for the staff. The original two rooms were opened to make it one large room with a nurse station in the center for better access to all the patients. Headwall outlets were relocated for staff convenience as well.

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